Baseline for the Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes (ISLA): The South-West Mau landscape

Project leader Christopher Martius
Location Kenya
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2015-11-23
Project end 2016-09-16

The baseline for the Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes (ISLA) Program operating in South West Mau, Kenya will be based on the current research conducted by CIFOR, and additional work that is well aligned with the CIFOR’s impact pathway and with the objectives of ISLA. The aim of CIFOR’s research at the South West Mau is to quantify the impact of land use change and loss of forest cover on water provisioning and to estimate the tradeoff with provision of goods by the landscapes. This research is needed to inform policy making and interventions at household, village and watershed level. The ISLA program has identified three results areas: i) Change in business practices, ii) improved sector governance, iii) improved field sustainability. Through stakeholder engagement ISLA seeks that a) private and public investments use the learnings of the program, b) economic, social and environmental impacts are achieved and tracked with indicators (i.e. avoided deforestation, improved water management, improved household income, resilience and food security). Alignment with ISLA will be beneficial for CIFOR because of the expected interventions which gives the opportunity to estimate impacts and to provide scientific support for community and private sector driven ecosystem restoration. The baseline will provide information on water supply from different landscapes and for different stakeholders, erosion rates and sediment loads, and a detailed analysis of land use change. After analyzing the baseline, CIFOR will indicate areas of high vulnerability for the ecosystem where interventions may be required. We will suggest potential interventions to address the main issues and will discuss them in the framework of ongoing activities.


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