DFID Know-for 2: Corporate Commitments to Sustainability

Project leader George Schoneveld
Email g.schoneveld@cgiar.org
Location Indonesia, Brazil, Mozambique
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2015-10-01
Project end 2017-09-30

There is increasing attention given to the role that corporate sector initiatives can play to achieve more sustainable and inclusive supply chains, particularly in agricultural commodities that place significant pressures on forests. This project will contribute to policy dialogues on the scope and potential impacts of corporate commitments to sustainability, including options to realize zero deforestation targets, particularly in the oil palm sector in Indonesia, beef in the Brazilian Amazon and sugar and forest plantations in Mozambique. In the context of broader policy objectives aimed at stabilizing agricultural frontiers, it will also provide policy-relevant insights into business models that promote more meaningful participation of smallholders.


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