Congo Basin Timber

Project leader Guillaume Lescuyer
Location Congo (democratic Republic)
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2015-05-20
Project end 2015-11-20
• More positive perceptions towards wood as a reliable construction material; • Increased support for the development of the value-added wood processing sector; • Increased support for technical capacity development in the area of transforming and finishing wood products; • Guidance to the government and private sector in the target countries on how to better shape their programs and investments in this sector to support the development of local markets, as well as public procurement legislation; • Larger number of options for legally and/or sustainably sourcing construction wood domestically; • Increased support for sustainable forest management and forest conservation (given that there will be a greater understanding on how to maximize job creation and economic contribution from the trees harvested); • Guidance on the development of locally-adapted, regionally-aligned, progressive wood product quality standards.


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