From Climate Research to Action under Multilevel Governance: Building Knowledge and Capacity at Landscape Scale (MLG)

Project leader Christopher Martius
Location Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2014-07-01
Project end 2018-12-31

Countries like Indonesia, Peru, Vietnam and Mexico have REDD+ policies and projects but lack knowledge, tools and capacities to transition from Readiness (Ph. 1) to results-based demonstration activities (Ph.2) and to the MRV required for Phase 3. Effective, efficient, and equitable (3E) mechanisms for REDD+ architectures and low C-emission development must integrate actors and institutions - with multiple political and economic interests - across scales and sectors for analysis and decisions on landscape-level trade-offs and synergies regarding carbon mitigation, biodiversity and adaptation, as a basis for sustainable change. Support for such mechanisms represents a no-regrets option - instrumental whether or not REDD+ financing or any other international climate regime materializes in the near future. 

The project builds understanding of landscape approaches, multilevel governance and distributive implications of technical decisions, to enhance 3E outcomes. Six WPs integrate: multilevel governance, benefit sharing and incentives practices; landscape-scale carbon, biodiversity & adaptation trade-offs; international policy effects; REL & MRV methods; multi-scale monitoring; knowledge sharing & dissemination. Through our research design and emphasis on national and international collaboration, partners become knowledge brokers in their respective fields and act as multipliers of research findings in target countries and beyond into the international arena. The project's science results are replicable and build knowledge and capacities beyond REDD+ to establish broader foundations for low-carbon development.


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