Development of Intra-African Trade and Further Processing in Tropical Timber and Timber Products – Phase I [Stage 1]

Project leader Richard Eba'a Atyi
Location Cameroon, Republic Of South Sudan
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2015-04-01
Project end 2016-05-30

In this project, CIFOR is removing the main identified obstacles to the expansion of further processing tropical timber into value-added products and trade development, particularly through intra-African trade through nine areas of action:

1. Facilitation of trade;

2. Elaboration and implementation of national strategies for industrial and trade development;

3. Business development in pilot enterprises;

4. Improvement of market transparency;

5. Trade promotion measures;

6. Training;

7. The strengthening of national industry and trade associations;

8. Innovative financing; and

9. Technology transfer.

Implementation involves the effective engagement of stakeholders and close cooperation with the identified international, regional and national partners in the private and public sectors.

The activities are being implemented in a logical sequence, and are divided into two, three-year phases to ensure mainstreaming and sustainability of impacts.

Phase 1 is divided into two stages, and the first one focuses on three pilot countries and strengthening capacities in industry and trade development.


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