Strengthening Independent Monitoring of GHG Emissions from Land Activities for Publishing, Comparing and Reconciling Estimates

Project leader David Gaveau
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2014-12-16
Project end 2016-12-15
The overall objective for this project is to develop analysis, case studies and other research that ultimately lead to proof of concept for elements that would constitute an operational, independent, publicly available, comprehensive and global spatial information system on land cover, land emissions, land use, their dynamics and the associated carbon stocks and flows. Starting from the observation that several global monitoring systems are now being started by several initiatives, we see the opportunity to analyze these initiatives comparatively and to scrutinize them in light of user needs, to derive recommendations for more efficient and effective monitoring systems that cover land use and land use change beyond forests, address different user needs, particularly those of users with limited capacities of data handling and interpretation, identify research gaps, and bridge the increasingly widening gap between advanced and less advanced countries. CIFOR lead WP 3 (Action - Case Study). The task includes: 1. Scoping and formulation of selected priority case study 2. presentation of priority case studies at the first stakeholder workshop 3. elaboration of full case studies 4. dcoumentation of case studies


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