Appui au développement des réflexions sur le marché domestique du bois en Côte d’Ivoire avec un soutien dans l’identification d’options stratégiques et la proposition d’un plan d’action

Project leader Paolo Cerutti
Location CÔte D'ivoire
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2014-11-24
Project end 2015-08-23

This project involves a study of the domestic timber market in Ivory Coast, with an aim to identify strategic options and a plan of action to address illegal logging.

In Ivory Coast, the formal business of wood is extroverted: 90% of forest industry products are for export and 10% are for the local market.

In 2010, only 3% of national production fueled the national market. This supply weakness, coupled with strong demand from local consumers, are the basis of illegal logging, which is growing in Ivory Coast.

The domestic market is mainly supplied by small local traders who often work in the informal or illegal timber trade. Their number is estimated at about 142,000 people.

According to a study conducted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), of the 81,376,000,000 CFA francs of wood products sold on the domestic market, over 95% are generated by the informal sector. One component of this comes from the recovery of waste, but the other is from a completely parallel illegal supply chain.

This project aims to contribute to the development of approaches that will address issues related to illegal logging and informal supply chains.


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