PhD on the "Dynamics of interactions between ecosystem services and rural social groups in the context of a changing climate in Peruvian landscapes"

Project leader Bruno Locatelli
Location Peru
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2014-12-01
Project end 2017-11-30

The aim of this PhD is to investigate the contribution of forest ecosystem services in reducing people’s vulnerability to climate variability, as well as understand the different perceptions of distinct groups within the same community.

The research being conducted for this study focuses on how land-use decisions and interventions influence the ability of ecosystems to support local and global strategies to address climate variability and stress, their synergies, trade-offs and spatial/temporal mismatch.

The dynamics of ecosystem services at the local level are being identified and analyzed with a specific focus on forestry and agriculture, how land-use changes have evolved and changed the landscape over time, and how the vulnerability and resilience of communities depending on them are affected.

This study will also identify the changes in the different roles and responsibilities of men and women within communities and households.


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