How climate-smart is the FMNR practise: assesing soil carbon sequestration potential and productivity co-benefits?

Project leader Mariana C. Rufino
Location Niger
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2014-10-01
Project end 2015-11-30

The main objective of this project is to quantify the effects of FMNR on soil carbon, nitrogen and fertility.

As part of this project, in collaboration with local partners, CIFOR is assessing the co-benefits of this practice in terms of productivity/food security enhancement. CIFOR is also investigating the possible causes of any changes that might be observed between FMNR and conventional (regularly coppiced) stands.

This involves the study of variation in fine root biomass and their C/N abundance and stable isotopic signatures. The project will contribute to a rigorous evaluation of the C sequestration potential and the climate smartness of FMNR.


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