International course on "Governance of Landscapes, Forests and People", 15-26 September 2014

Project leader Steven Lawry
Location Indonesia
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2014-07-01
Project end 2015-01-31
Centre for Development Innovation links education and training to fundamental strategic and applied research in the fields of plant - and animal production, agrotechnology and food processing, rural development and environmental management. Centre for Development Innovation builds capacity for sustainable development in the agriculture, food, rural development and natural resources management sectors. CIFOR advances human well-being, environmental conservation, and equity by conducting research to inform policies and practices that affect forests in developing countries, and leads the CGIAR research programme on forests, trees and agro-forests (FTA) with several key partners relevant to the course. Parties wish to collaborate in a Project conducting the international course on “Governance for Forest Nature and People” from September 15th till September 26th 2014 in Bogor Indonesia.


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