DFID Know For: The future of tropical production forests

Project leader Paolo Cerutti
Email p.cerutti@cgiar.org
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2013-10-01
Project end 2015-05-31
The loss of some of the richest and most ecologically important ecosystems in the world is a major international concern. Uncontrolled harvesting and poor management practices, has now been recognized as an important cause of forest degradation and consequent deforestation. Additional threats have to be faced due to climate change. Tree and ecosystem response to climate changes that will increase air temperature and changing drought periods in many tropical regions is still poorly known, and impose a major challenge for adapting silviculture and sustainable forest management to new environments. We consider that sustainable forest management in a productive context (outside of pure protection) can be a major tool to conserve continuous and large areas of natural forests.


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