DFID Know-For - Influencing wildlife management in the Congo Basin (Bushmeat).

Project leader Robert Nasi
Email r.nasi@cgiar.org
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2014-01-01
Project end 2015-09-30

This project is contributing to CIFOR’s bushmeat program goal for 2014 to develop methods to monitor wildmeat harvesting, consumption and trade in tropical forests. It is assessing how bushmeat contributes to local economies, social networks, food security and nutritional diversity and exploring innovative ways to sustainably use bushmeat.

CIFOR’s previous research in Central Africa and the Amazon has highlighted the role that bushmeat plays in food security and has allowed us to better understand the current organization and governance of bushmeat market chains from the hunter to rural and urban consumers.

This project is building on the findings of this research and developing understandings of the role that bushmeat plays as an ecosystem service, and its contribution to reducing climate change vulnerability. It is also identifying bushmeat’s contribution to ecosystem health. As part of this project, CIFOR is also focusing on practical ways to promote sustainable hunting.


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