CHINA (Evaluating the impact of China’s Conversion of Cropland to Forest Program on land-use, livelihoods and the environment)

Project leader Louis Putzel
Location China
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2013-03-01
Project end 2015-09-30
The goal of this project is to: 1) To evaluate and provide input to the FEDRC’s system used to monitor and evaluate the CCFP (identify gaps in survey design, methods and analyses, and help fill the gaps) 2) To analyse the efficacy of the CCFP in meeting its social and environmental goals in the first 10 years since implementation (Phase I) 3) To determine preliminary impacts and emerging trends related to Phase II implementation of the CCFP on land use, livelihoods and the environment 4) To develop household and landscape level models to analyse the response (in terms of land use, livelihoods and environment) to the CCFP policies; and provide policy consultations to decision makers 5) To strengthen institutional ties between CIFOR and key Chinese forestry research institutes


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