Integrated Law Enforcement Approach Phase II: Tracking Money Flows from the Forest-related sectors to Curtail Forest-related Crimes in Indonesia (ILEA)

Project leader Steven Lawry
Location Indonesia
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2013-11-01
Project end 2015-05-31
As part of CIFOR’s commitment to provide evidence-based research for policy makers, CIFOR initiated ILEA Phase II with a particular focus on identifying impact pathways for existing research, including by stimulating new policy dialogue about topics such as environmental valuation, and by collaborating with partners capable of translating CIFOR research into on-the-ground changes. Phase II will also seek to filling in remaining research gaps, notably related to understanding the lack of alignment between declared environmental policies and actual enforcement efforts. Moreover, Phase II will focus on Indonesia as a priority country, while also viewing it this as an ‘proof of concept’ opportunity, to expand ILEA research to Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Phase II aims to strengthen our understanding law enforcement efforts against forest-related crimes in Indonesia, particularly related to efforts to reduce associated corruption. It considers opportunities to better leverage the Indonesian criminal justice system to better protect forests, including biodiversity and carbon stocks; support more sustainable and just use of natural resources, and reduce state revenues losses from illegality in corruption so that public funds can be harnessed for broader socio-economic development goals.


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