FLEGT and illegal Looging in Cameroon and Gabon

Project leader Paolo Cerutti
Email p.cerutti@cgiar.org
Location Cameroon, Gabon
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2008-01-01
Project end 2010-04-30
The project aimed to provide better and quantified knowledge of the illegal logging sector in Cameroon and Gabon based on the preliminary condition to assess the impacts of the FLEGT process on domestic activities. Activities included: 1) commodity chain analysis to assess the illegal timber stocks, flows and networks to strengthen the empirical basis for FLEGT-VPA initiatives and their likely impacts in Cameroon and later in Gabon; 2) the analysis of illegal timber flows to link it to the livelihoods and ecosystems dependent on them; 3) on the basis of the findings, recommendations proposed to reduce illegal logging in Cameroon and Gabon with due to the consideration of rural livelihoods and related ecosystems. The contribution of FLEGT-VPA was analysed through a comparison of Cameroon and Gabon instruments and results.


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