Tropical Forests and Climate Change Adaptation

Project leader Johnson Nkem
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2005-03-01
Project end 2009-12-31
The overall objective of TroFCCA is to promote approaches for adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change on tropical ecosystems and related human systems. The project will be implemented in three regions and will focus on assessing and addressing vulnerability and adaptation to ensure the future of goods and services from forests. All TroFCCA regions will work under a common methodological framework but each will concentrate on topics of development for which forests contribute significantly in that location. In other words, the focus of TroFCCA on each region will be agreed regionally by the project team and national governments. -Develop methods to assess the vulnerability of specific development topics deriving from impacts of climate change over forest ecosystems -Use the methods to assess vulnerability on the development topics, biodiversity and carbon. -Development of criteria and indicators for adaptive management -Development of policy oriented strategies for tropical forest ecosystems -Science-policy dialogue in and across regions


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