Tropical Forests in Poverty Alleviation: From Household Data to Global-Comparative Analysis

Project leader Sven Wunder
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2008-01-01
Project end 2011-06-30
The primary project objective is: 1). To undertake a comprehensive global-comparative analysis of the role of forests and environmental income in preventing and reducing rural poverty, built on a centrally coordinated pan-tropical data bank with high-quality primary household and village data collected though PEN (research outputs); 2). To elaborate recommendations for tangible forest-poverty interventions, and feed them into national and global policy processes (policy impacts); 3). To enhance the ability of project partners in using best-practice methods for conducting income-accounting rural household surveys, and to suggest improved research methods for future studies of environmental incomes and rural livelihoods (capacity building and methodological innovation).


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