Supporting Community forestry to improve livelihoods and to facilitate sustainable management of dry forests in Ethiopia

Project leader Habtemariam Kassa
Location Ethiopia
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2009-05-27
Project end 2012-12-31
The project aimed to contribute to improved management of dry forests and sustainable supply of forest products, notably frankincense, by assisting stakeholders to create better economic incentives to responsibly manage these resources. The project was planned and implemented to achieve the following development and scientific objectives: (i) to improve understanding of the current status of dry forests in Ethiopia, especially in terms of land use and land cover change, and the contribution of dry forests to household income; (ii) to facilitate access to and responsible use of forests by communities and other stakeholders; (iii) to contribute to reducing negative impacts of current forest management and product collection practices on the health of frankincense producing Boswellia trees; (iv) to enhance the role of producers’ organizations in forest access and product marketing, (v) to examine the efficiency of marketing chains of gums and resins for producers, and the relevance of current grades for export markets.


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