Sustainable managing the wood energy & source in DRC (Makala Project)

Project leader Jolien Schure
Location Congo (democratic Republic)
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2009-02-01
Project end 2013-07-31
Objectives : The Makala Project aims to respond to the increasing domestic energy needs in central Africa and the risks of non sustainable use of forest resources. It contributes to developing a future perspective and an institutional framework on how to ensure a sustainable use and management of fuel wood (from natural and planted forests). Also, it will assist to improve transformation technologies and use of wood and charcoal and involve local communities for them to better grasp the benefits. Specific Objective: Secure fuel wood resources to supply energy to the cities of Kinshasa and Kisangani in DRC. Expected Output : LINK TO: MAKALA PROJECT (FRENCH) Method: Describe, analyze and organize the institutional and socioeconomic environment and market chain; sustainable management of fuel wood in natural and plantation forests; improve the transformation and energy efficiency of fuel wood use, capacity building of organizations using wood and the market chain, train actors in the chain to assure long term sustainable use of fuel wood.


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