CRiSTAL-Forests: Development of Community-based Risk Screening Tool - Adaptation and Livelihoods

Project leader Houria Djoudi
Location Burkina Faso, Mali, Uganda, Kenya
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2011-10-25
Project end 2013-07-31
The objectives of the Action are: a) Field-test the CRiSTAL-Forest approach and toolkit and present recommendations regarding the improvement of CRiSTAL-Forest. b) Analyze findings on the vulnerability and adaptive strategies of forest communities in different African contexts using the CRiSTAL Forest toolkit. c) Enhance awareness of national and sub-national policymakers, project designers and managers concerning the vulnerability and adaptation of forest communities to climate change and the role of forest ecosystems in adaptation. d) Enhance understanding of national and sub national practitioners of CRiSTALForests.


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