FORCC: Using forests to enhance resilience to climate change project

Project leader Aaron J.M. Russell
Location Laos, Honduras, Burkina Faso
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2011-05-20
Project end 2013-06-30
The project aims to support certain activities to be carried out under the study on using forests for adaptation to enhance resilience to climate change (the "Study"). The knowledge gained from the Study will be disseminated to the relevant decision makers and development practitioners in order to inform policy and project development processes. To achieve the objectives of the Study, activities will be conducted to mainly analyze: a. how forests are contributing to enhancing social and environmental resilience of local populations, sectoral systems found in the landscape of mixed land uses, and how forests could be used more effectively to enhance adaptation strategies; b. what management regimes for forests can realize the potential role of forests in adaptation and enhancing resilience; and (c) what are the policy measures and associated institutional arrangements that would facilitate the use of forests for adaptation and resilience to climate change.


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