Overcoming constraints to community-based commercial forestry in Indonesia

Project leader Dede Rohadi
Email d.rohadi@cgiar.org
Location Indonesia
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2011-04-01
Project end 2015-09-30
Objectives : The overall aim of this project is to undertake in-depth analytical research of the three dominant business models used in CBCF in Indonesia, so to refine existing models and underpin approaches to better inform farmers about their livelihoods investment decisions. This project will also take into account the community context in which CBCF operates, so that the anticipated positive impacts of the CBCF can be readily identified. Expected Output : The results from the in-depth analysis by this project will identify how the dominant models of the community forestry in Indonesia can be improved to maximise the socio-economic benefits for all partners. This information will be translated into targeted communication, engagement and training activities, targeted to senior policy-makers and program managers responsible for Indonesia's dominant community forestry programs - both in the public and private sectors, and the participating farmer fores groups. Method : The project team will focus its effort on analysis of the three dominant models of CBCF, with field activities conducted in five locations throughout Indonesia. Activities: 1. Conduct social dimensions analysis 2. Literature review of rural livelihood frameworks 3. Prepare discussion paper on forestry livelihoods framework 4. Conduct training workshops with local partners in 5 locations 5. Finalized framework published 6. Conduct 'value chain analysis, assess livelihood impacts using 'forestry livelihoods' framework 7. Conduct training workshops with local partners 8. Review of improved CBCF models 9. Conduct skills and knowledge appraisal of farmer forest group 10. Conduct training with targeted farmer forest groups 11. Evaluate 'learning approach' 12. Project team/project leader (PL) to meet with project advisor every 12 months 13. Prepare project newsletter & distribute 14. Prepare policy briefs 15. Conduct roundtable briefings with senior staff 16. Conduct meetings with farmer forest groups 17. Video on 'forest farmers' completed 18. Publication of research articles 19. Co-hosting of international symposium amongst relevant researchers (e.g. IURFRO forum)


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