Learning from REDD: A Global Comparative Analysis

Project status CLOSED
Project start 2010-06-01
Project end 2013-05-31
CIFOR implemented a four-year research and knowledge-sharing strategy on the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD). The overall objective of the strategy was to provide REDD policymakers and practitioner communities with the information, analysis and tools they need to ensure effective and cost-efficient reduction of carbon emissions with equitable impacts and co-benefits (“3E+”) – including poverty reduction, enhancement of non-carbon ecosystem services, and protection of local livelihoods, rights and tenure. In the first year, we were rapidly synthesizing existing knowledge and are building a strong platform for learning and applying REDD knowledge to achieve the 3Es+. In the second year, we analysed, shared and built a REDD learning community. In the third year, we analysed, shared and strengthened the REDD learning community, while in the fourth year, we consolidated the analysis and shared the lessons learned globally and prepare the REDD learning community to sustain itself.


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