Gender, tenure and community forests in Uganda and Nicaragua

Project leader Esther Mwangi
Location Uganda, Nicaragua
Project status CLOSED
Project start 2010-01-01
Project end 2013-03-31
The objectives of this project were to improve women's tenure rights to forests through their increased participation in community forest user groups, with regard both to decision-making and livelihood benefits. The purpose of the project was to enhance stakeholder uptake of institutional and policy innovations to promote women’s participation, based on a clear understanding of the obstacles to, and the motivations and conditions for, the emergence of mixed user groups and women in positions of authority over natural resources. At multiple scales from global to local, the project aimed to: 1) improved information, analysis and data collection on gender and forests; 2) analysed of obstacles to women’s participation in natural resource decision making and benefits; 3) gave recommendations of alternatives for overcoming obstacles and enhancing women’s participation in decision making on, and benefits from, forests.


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