Knowledge for action to protect tropical forests and enhance rights 2021-2023

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This project builds on CIFOR and partners’ long-term Global Comparative Study (GCS) on REDD+, which has produced information, analysis and tools to promote effective, efficient and equitable (3E) outcomes, including secure rights and livelihoods for indigenous peoples and local communities, in REDD+ implementation. For REDD+ to be effective, efficient and equitable (3E), results-based finance must be based on robust FRELs and national forest monitoring systems, along with well-designed safeguards and benefit sharing mechanisms which provide both incentives for emissions reductions and compensate those actors shouldering the costs. To support the implementation of 3E policies and actions to reduce deforestation and forest degradation, we will generate knowledge and tools useful for REDD+ decision-making through activities in Peru, Brazil, DRC and Indonesia, along with global comparative analysis. Our aim is to contribute to change discourses, establish new narratives and trigger transformative action. The objective of the project is to achieve the following outcome: Policy makers and practitioners in key tropical forest countries design and implement effective, efficient and equitable (3E) forest-friendly policies and actions, based on the knowledge and capacities co-developed through this project. The target group encompasses relevant actors and stakeholders at international, national and subnational levels.

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