Supporting fire management with a focus on the dry tropics: mainstreaming fire into landscape decisions and NDCs

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In 2019 the project "Fire in Tropical Ecosystems" focused on understanding which regions in the tropics are expected to be more affected by fire in the coming decades. With this follow-up project we now aim to mainstream fire in land management decisions in those countries that were identified in 2019, with special attention to dry ecosystems. From all the affected countries the most important ones that we focus on are: Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Central America; Zambia, Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Mozambique; Viet Nam, Indonesia. The project specific goals are: To support these tropical countries to include fire management into their NDC strategies in 2020 or 2023 by offering Tier 1 data on historical fire emissions per land cover, and estimated fire emission projections for 2030 (2050). To downscale the analysis of climate-fire reactivity for the selected countries (with special interest in dry forests). Downscaling would help to better zone fire risk and fire danger in space, and to project more accurately future hotspots of fire and emissions for 2030/2050 -needed for NDC projections-. Downscaling would also help navigate permanence risks for REDD+ and for landscape restoration initiatives. To understand how fire management policies have supported or could support mitigation action in 6 tropical countries containing wet and dry biomes, and to identify existing fire management policies that could support mitigation targets.

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