Natural Environment based Potential of Forest Landscape Restoration for bioenergy production on degraded land in Indonesia (Dr. Jino Kwon's secondment)

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Location Indonesia
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The project is a secondment of Dr Jino Kwon. He will work to identify the potential of sustainable biofuel production on degraded and marginal land based on the Natural Environment factors of degraded land in Indonesia. Through the main collaborative research, Socio-economic and Ecosystem outcomes of bioenergy production on degraded land in Indonesia have been developed and further evaluation is carrying out. As part of the main research, potential of forest landscape restoration based on natural Ecosystem factors. NIFoS has previous collaborative research experiences and data in the forest landscape restoration on the degraded land of three continents such as Asia, North-Africa and South-America. The result of NIFoS's previous experience will be considered, and the results of ongoing research in Indonesia will be discussed and compared.

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