Futurability of Tropical Forests: Value-oriented approach to strengthen international framework

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Location Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador
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In recent years, two instruments of market-based approaches namely REDD+ and forest certification have been introduced as a solution to global deforestation problems. A collective of initiatives such as REDD* and forest certification, have their implication for forest capacity to contribute to climate change mitigations but they have ambiguous outcomes on communal self-determination on their lives and environments, or on forests to contribute to food security objectives. This collaboration project between Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) and CIFOR aims to identify better forest management options to improve livelihoods and food security of tropical forest dwellers, and at the same time, to reduce forest carbon emission or enhance forests carbon capturing capacity by exploring innovative options to implement REDD+, forest certification or other avoided deforestation and forest restoration opportunities and especially to test their social feasibility. The work will take place in Southeast Asia, and in western Amazonia.

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