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The Blue Carbon Initiative is a partnership between Conservation International (CI), the International Union or Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (IOC–UNESCO). The goal of the initiative is to mitigate climate change through the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of coastal and marine ecosystems. The Blue Carbon Initiative is currently working with individual scientists, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and government agencies to achieve its goal. The Initiative’s Scientific Working Group was formed in February 2011 and provides the scientific foundation for the Blue Carbon Initiative by synthesizing current and emerging science on blue carbon and providing the robust scientific basis for coastal carbon conservation, management, and accounting. The Blue Carbon Initiative has been successfully in operation since 2011 with at least one in person meeting per year being the foundation for the group’s progress. The Packard Foundation would be supporting the 9th Scientific Working Group Meeting, a week long workshop (September 26th – 29th). The working group strives to facilitate and support high quality basic and applied science on coastal blue carbon that then informs management and policy activities for the improved conservation of coastal ecosystems. The workshop proposed here will provide the critical forums to advance the following objectives: Objective 1: Integration of seagrasses into targeted scientific tools, management plans, and policy efforts that support the acceleration of blue carbon-based restoration and conservation actions. Objective 2: Identify science priorities to support a strategic Indonesian Blue Carbon Program. Objective 3: Support design and implementation of the Science of Blue Carbon Network and Database. Objective 4: Identify priority science needed to support the inclusion of blue carbon systems into current and upcoming priority IPCC activities.

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