DFID Know-For 2: Safeguard

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Location Indonesia, Peru, Burkina Faso
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The objective of this project is to generate knowledge on the linkages between REDD+ benefit sharing mechanisms, safeguards and policy learning processes to support implementation of carbon-effective, cost-efficient and equitable REDD+. This project addresses the linkages between REDD+ benefit sharing and safeguards, with a strong knowledge sharing element to facilitate policy learning on safeguards operationalization in national and sub-national REDD+ policy arenas. Our research will provide policy makers and practitioners in sub-national, national and international arenas with information, tools and guidance on: 1) how safeguards can be more effectively and efficiently operationalized and implemented to mitigate risks in benefit sharing mechanisms and ensure that equitable outcomes are delivered in REDD+; and 2) how this knowledge reverberates through the policy learning process, to enable an effective, efficient and equitable outcomes of REDD+ in a Green Economy.

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