Measuring Carbon Sequestration in Agroforestry Systems in Indonesia

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Location Indonesia
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The purpose of this research project is to test the currently available carbon measurement tools on a variety of sites, conditions and land use/production systems, and identify the best available option for the Indonesian land use context and the framework of the FORCLIME project.
Using a high carbon stock ecosystem approach for the definition of high value forests, CIFOR is testing current tools and developing indicators for performance and applicability. FORCLIME has extensive carbon stock datasets for three districts (Berau, Kapuas Hulu, and Malinau) in Indonesia based on remote sensing (Landsat, RapidEye and airborne Lidar) in combination with ground inventories that would allow CIFOR to test the validity of these tools for different regions and land uses. This project aims to identify the applicability of tools for a variety of users with varying levels of basic knowledge and skills. As part of this project, recommendations for best practices and improvements will also be made.

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