Dataset of soil carbon stocks collected from tropical mountain peatlands in Quilcayhuanca, Peru.

The European Union funded Collaborative Land Use Planning and Sustainable Institutional Arrangements project is being implemented by the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (Centre de cooperation internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Developpement, CIRAD) in partnership with CIFOR, Telapak and several local non government organizations (NGOs) and universities. The project aims to contribute to reducing environmental degradation and strengthening land tenure and community rights by collaboratively integrating all stakeholders' views in land-use planning processes. The outputs revolve around the relationship between land-use planning, land allocation and the provision and scoping for possible payment of ecosystem services. The project focuses on two regencies (kabupaten) in Indonesia: Kapuas Hulu and Central Maluku.

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MD5: c9d7e0fe2fed1df2697492d2a9694020

MD5: 2247e16abf0458a94069734348c057e8


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MD5: c521847207fe34e4b573c1bce5b920b5


MD5: ccdc4862b9395a9ebf3dddb2ddb493af

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Hribljan, John ; Chimner, Rod ; Lilleskov, E. ; Planas Clarke, A.M.


productivity; emission reduction; ecological restoration; mitigation; climate change; peatland; carbon stocks


Center for International Forestry Research

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