Replication Data for: Variation in vegetation and ecosystem carbon stock due to the conversion of disturbed forest to oil palm plantation in Peruvian Amazonia

The supporting information contains five databases from inventories in four forest and six oil palm plantation sites. Three of the forest sites were adjacent to young oil palm plantations aged 1, 4 and 7-year-old, nearby the Tupac Amaru Limon village. The fourth forest site was near the oldest plantations aged 15, 23 and 28-years-old, close to the Nuevo San Pedro village. Each spredsheet refers to a carbon pool and includes information from both land uses. The first one (Tree and palm standing) presents all living tree/palm biomass and standing dead trees. The second one (fallen dead wood) refers to all lying down woody debris in three different decay categories (large sound, large rotten and medium size). The third one (Undersotry & litter) includes C information from both pools. The fourth one (fronds) presents C stocks from fronds in oil palm plantations. The last one (Soils) presents soil variables per depth (wet mass, dry mass, soil gravimetric moisture, bulk density and stocks).

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Supplemental material_Malaga2020.xlsx

MD5: 706dcf480ec6f9b0d7a6333977bf3f74

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