Landscape approaches: A comparative review

Landscape approaches is one of CIFOR research initiative that is synthesize existing research through a systematic review.

Dataset's Files


MD5: e2fc39158d65219b97320b3ce12dd3b9

Key text list for landscape approaces


MD5: 6642cd7a05bd6a7077bf4d887e692204

Scoping exercise using Web of Science


MD5: 3cc6257031523bcaad60f75bcad0dcae

A call for grey literature

Landscape approach case study data.xlsx

MD5: 96740939b544f158dc0625b7008b1c42

Term of use
These data and documents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You may copy, distribute and transmit the data as long as you acknowledge the source through proper data citation.

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