Local perceptions towards industrial tree plantataion in Indonesia

Database for survey with 606 respondents across Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan in 2014-2015.

Dataset's Files

Contacts partner.docx

MD5: 97fb49c474d2219f9e2982be670817f5

Database household survey inclusive English.xlsx

MD5: 4fb9323c4789cbf002ac6a2ef53c40b7

Database household survey inclusive.xlsx

MD5: 3950d0b9bace1ef14ed0aa2616a01667

Questionnaire Code sheet.docx

MD5: 0413f20a4625cefd3e85e7aad2316111

Questionnaire Code sheet English.docx

MD5: 27db4a9371588bce7b931d45d1a43ec0

Questionnaire household survey HTI.docx

MD5: 7a8365d15cd367dbb11e5708b4353589

Questionnaire household survey HTI (translated).docx

MD5: e38385438e226336b1ceda48e9213bef

Results Q-method Slahung Jatim 9-11 Dec 2014.docx

MD5: 5544009ff81cf79d4581bbce6696853e

Results Q-method Suaran Kaltim 6-7 March 2015.docx

MD5: 43306ab6beae18e9b3a69e2946d3d828

Term of use
These data and documents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You may copy, distribute and transmit the data as long as you acknowledge the source through proper data citation.

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