Reserve, fire, census and rainfall data

This data includes census, geographic, fire and rainfall data for sustainable use reserves in the Brazilian Amazon

Dataset's Files

MD5: f5ef659fe91e449f6b6425a70f72197f

Fire counts from MODIS for 2007, road, river, pap density, lancover, reserve type, nama

MD5: deaf459e958be03880302ff2cc5383f4

Rainfall data, fire density, for PAES + buffer (10km)

MD5: c8f3b1879fd27c611ccf359dfc77103f

Reserve type, name, year created, fire density, land cover

MD5: f8c9381d093a0a24b5e679622d192f9b

Rainfall data, fire density for RESEXs + buffer (10km)

Term of use
These data and documents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You may copy, distribute and transmit the data as long as you acknowledge the source through proper data citation.

Center for International Forestry Research


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