Replication Data for: Nut Production in Bertholletia excelsa Across a Logged Forest Mosaic: Implications for Multiple Forest Use (December 2012-August 2014)

For this study, we asked the following question: To what extent is Brazil nut production at the individual level affected in a logged forest landscape? We tested the influence of tree and stand-level covariates on total nut production at the individual tree level in five recently logged Brazil nut concessions in Madre de Dios, Peru. Our field team accompanied Brazil nut harvesters during the traditional harvest period (January-April 2012 and January-April 2013) in order to collect data on fruit production. Our dependent variables for the study were nut weight and fruit count. Independent covariates included the following variables: location (i.e., individual concession); year; diameter at breast height; crown diameter; crown form; crown position; trunk quality; damage presence; liana presence; nail presence; distance to nearest cut stump; distance to nearest conspecific neighbor; and local logging intensity.

Dataset's File

MDD BN prod data 2013_2014.rdata

MD5: d218379ae364d6b280da2e9ee12df859

Brazil nut production data; tree location; distance cut stump and nearest conspecific neighbor; local logging intensity

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