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In 2003, the European Union launched the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade process, known as FLEGT. This process aims to curb illegal logging and timber trading. The key instrument to achieve this goal in partner countries is the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) licencing scheme. The FLEGT-VPA mechanism is uniquely positioned to bring focus to the domestic timber sector and offer policy measures and practical solutions through its problem-specific capacity building, public consultations and management and oversight tools, including the Timber Legality Assurance System (TLAS), chain of custody and independent third party verification. The project Pro-Formal aims to analyse which policy measures could improve the EU-FLEGT chances of success in better integrating the domestic timber markets within the national legal framework. In five selected countries, the project initially will assess different facets of the overall timber sector, be they legal or illegal, formal or informal, regulated or unregulated and small-scale or large-scale. It will also assess the interplay among these facets. Further, the project will see k to better understand the social dynamics within the timber sector of selected countries, as well as the impacts that improved policies might have on domestic timber markets and the livelihood options they currently provide. If one country wholly embraces VPA, for instance, efforts to reduce the informal timber market should not result in an indiscriminate clamp-down of chainsaw loggers that unduly undermine livelihood options at the local level. Knowledge gained from Pro-Formal work will be used to develop a menu of instruments, systems and policy options for consideration in national level VPA negotiations. The project aims to foster common sense policies that bring the domestic sector from grey and black markets into legal ones while promoting sustainable forest management and improved livelihood options.

Dataset's Files

MD5: aa3ee9fbf0a030000866bcd62183f4bd

CMR downstream (timber markets)

MD5: da8a3d5e8501bbacf34451d67b502f63

CMR upstream (harvesting)


MD5: 8f289a25660fc330fed298238b0736bd

Ecuador surveys


MD5: bcad267a8b113c6ac3f5f68ca11807b5

Ecuador case studies


MD5: dba6fe31642636e92725e0ceb95fbf87

Ecuador downstream (timber markets)


MD5: 6093419970e1612f8f1615ae5d66d100

Ecuador upstream (timber harvesting)


MD5: 51f388511ec8fb255bac94fd2ecf6a31

GAB downstream


MD5: e5bb72a82a23c6915c52e1fa60834be7

GAB upstream


MD5: 932b8cbb23a9aedbaa446880c26fd068

Indonesia-Java upstream (timber harvesting) and downstream (timber markets)


MD5: 688fc6e9bed947c2ccb5460761c9cbbd


MD5: cada98bc1fa763a467a702babd4d3c0b

Pro-Formal Project Brief (English)


MD5: bec9a8594ba789be8b1b69e15e704aa4

Pro-Formal Project Brief (Spanish)


MD5: d9babca3510ae47c465bab52e7900077

Pro-Formal Project Brief (French)


MD5: ec0478f7e42492893a11ff4e2d975843

Pro-Formal Project Brief (Indonesian)


MD5: 76dca23ef92cda626d4765e2bcfec0fc


MD5: 61b418a5836bd6a6633ea721d75b1cfa


MD5: 99250827623f8d84e94eabd988df0e55


MD5: c15f317bad2064b7bf7644029ac8dec0

MD5: cdb52e5e604ca941a8552e85dbf8d550

DRC downstream (timber markets Kinshasa)

MD5: e1ef18f00d71bd4694a098b788a0e264

DRC downstream (timber markets Kisangani)


MD5: 72adaf3d7d84790195a3b3e192e14712

DRC upstream (timber harvesting Kisangani)

RDC_Scieurs_Sciages Kinshasa_Dataverse.xls

MD5: 3bd5859c9e2ca30fd56ee757003728a2

DRC upstream (timber harvesting Kinshasa)

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