Replication Data for: The geographic and sectoral patterns of large-scale farmland investments in sub-saharan Africa

Dataset of The geographic and sectoral patterns of large-scale farmland investments in sub-saharan Africa. Consist of 563 farmland projects that have been established between 2005 and 2013 in sub-Saharan Africa.

Dataset's Files

1_farmland investments

MD5: d46b770a5120d3b9a6e785740af29745

Distribution of data on farmland investments > 2000 ha by type of data source.

2_farmland investments

MD5: b46d4ef6c79dc2db5437bd8561b8313b

Summary of farmland investments > 2000 ha.


MD5: 4ca0e9a5338dcbf682aa3f93dacd6369

Bivariate correlations for area of land acquired by country

4_projects led by established

MD5: 7c183489903a36099c002b953d4077d6

Projects led by established entities.

5_investment and

MD5: 5b65ae69e2125471a33638faa6a623d8

Farmland investments and land availability in key investment destinations. Source: ‘Potentially available land’ calculated from European Space Agency (ESA) Globcover: Global Land Cover Project European Space Agency, Brussels, Belgium (2011) and United National Environment Programme (UNEP), 2012. World Database of Protected Areas. (accessed 18.05.12), and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), 2012. GAEZ 3.0. (accessed 23.06.12).

6_Numbers of active

MD5: ffe2364defa9fe75ede164132d7495ce

Number of active certified projects for biomass production in September 2013


MD5: 0db3e81f6b7ba632064f5d1356672201

Number of projects that received financial support from major development banks by September 2013.

8_Potential contribution of biofuel

MD5: 786b4e5d469a302dd54360b2189c4837

Potential contribution of documented biofuel projects to energy security. Sources: ‘Value of net oil imports, as % of GDP’ derived from Energy Information Administration (EIA), 2012. International Energy Statistics. US Energy Information Administration. (accessed 19.08.12) and World Bank, 2013.World Development Indicators. (accessed 12.04.13); ‘Blending mandates’ derived from individual country laws and policies; ‘Ethanol and biodiesel production potential’ derived from own data, United Nations (UN), 2012. UN DATA. (accessed 12.04.12)..

9_Potential contribution of cereal

MD5: cffd32ec989c82c3e0b63983b9f6a996

Potential contribution of cereal projects to food security. Source of data: ‘Global Hunger Index’ from IFPRI (2012); ‘Total domestic cereal production’ derived from FAO (2013); ‘Area of cereal investment’ derived from own data, FAO, 2013.

Origins of

MD5: cbe634a517164f600ee5332973346922


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These data and documents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You may copy, distribute and transmit the data as long as you acknowledge the source through proper data citation.

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