Kaala Moombe

Senior Researcher

Kaala B. Moombe is a forester by training and works as a Senior Researcher with the Sustainable Landscapes and Livelihoods programme. He has since October 2012 participated in research on the following themes: timber production and trade, woodfuel production and trade, REDD+ (carbon assessment, country profiling), woodfuel institutional arrangements, and landscape approaches. Kaala is a specialist in forestry biophysical assessment, participatory forestry, timber and woodfuel production, institutional and trade analysis. His work with CIFOR has involved the following projects: 1) Timber and woodfuel production and trade focusing on market structure and conduct; 2) Nyimba Forest Project that focused on tools and approaches for integrating REDD+ into the Zambia REDD+ strategy facilitating local communities’ participation in resource assessment; 3) Africa-China Project, which focused on understanding the political economy of timber (especially Mukula or Pterocarpus chrysothrix) production and international trade; 4) Landscape approaches that focuses on collaborating on the operationalisation of landscape approaches. His key interest is in the political economy of landscape approaches with a focus on how different contestations manifest and affect the prospects of implementing an integrated landscape approach in forestscapes and how stakeholders perceive options to overcome them.

Authored by Kaala Moombe

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