CIFOR at IUCN World Conservation Congress

1-10 September 2016
Honolulu - Hawai'i, USA
5 September 2016 | 8:30 – 10:30 | 301B | #WCC_9714


Confidence in conservation – Demonstrating impacts and creating market confidence through accessing ecosystem service markets

This session will examine conservation outcomes from projects that have used finance from ecosystem service markets; describe the future market potential for ecosystem services for conservation; and explore how third-party certification can be used to increase market confidence, demonstrate short- and long-term impacts, and ensure that environmental and social safeguards are being met.

Session partner:


Focal point:

Chris Henschel, FSC


Sini Savilaakso,
Louis Putzel
Chris Henschel,
Andrew Deutz,
The Nature Conservancy
Gena Gammie,
Forest Trends
James Hardcastle,

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