Sustainable production

Forests support the sustainable production of agriculture and environmental products.
  • Tropical forests provide homes for bees, bats and other pollinators, which are important for the growth of agricultural crops. Coffee crops cultivated near forests have been shown to have higher yields than those further away, due to their proximity to pollination services.
  • Forests provide a wide range of water services required for agriculture. Forest cover and vegetation along rivers and streams improve the quantity and quality of water available for irrigation. Forests are vital in maintaining the soil and water base, providing optimal environments for agriculture and crop growth.
  • REDD+ funds have the potential to support the intensification of agriculture near forests, through the supply of fertilizer and other farm inputs. This could prevent forest clearance, as farmers are receiving a higher yield. This would lead to higher rural incomes and greater food security.
The CIFOR Strategy 2016-2025 aligns CIFOR’s research with the Sustainable Development Goals, to put CIFOR’s work into the context of the new climate and development agenda.

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