Forests provide or support renewable energy sources, including hydropower, wood and charcoal.
  • Wood energy provides 9% of the global primary energy supply, making it the most important source of bioenergy in the world. In Asia and Oceania, wood energy accounts for 5% of the total primary energy supply, 13% in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 27% in Africa.
  • In parts of Africa, fuelwood is the most affordable source of energy, accounting for almost 90% of primary energy consumption. In domestic areas, there is often no access to an alternative sources of energy, making fuelwood the number one source of energy for cooking and heating.
  • Rainforests in tropical countries have the potential to support large hydropower operations. As forest cover plays a crucial role in regional rainfall systems, deforestation and forest conversion can reduce water flow and inhibit energy generation. The success of hydropower energy generation is therefore dependent upon keeping tree cover intact, and ensuring rainfall systems are maintained in rainforests.
The CIFOR Strategy 2016-2025 aligns CIFOR’s research with the Sustainable Development Goals, to put CIFOR’s work into the context of the new climate and development agenda.

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