The many values of forests

People around the world value forests for all sorts of reasons – for example, for forests’ contributions to clean water, to livelihoods, to climate regulation, to biodiversity, to food security, and more. Indeed, forests contribute to every aspect of sustainable development and to all the Sustainable Development Goals.

At CIFOR, forestry in this new development era is about understanding the full range of these values, across sectors and stakeholders.

This International Day of Forests, explore CIFOR’s resources to learn more about the various values of forests, and why they matter so much for the future of us all.

What do you most value about forests?

Play the game to see what aspect of forests you value the most. Here’s how it works: You will see two pictures side by side, each showing a forest value. Choose the one that means more to you. That image will stay and another image will appear. Keep on choosing between the two images until the end.

Forests and the SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals set targets for global improvements across a broad range of areas. Forests, trees and the resources they provide can make a significant contribution to all these areas. Choose a topic for sustainable development to explore this link between forestry and the SDGs.

CIFOR and the SDGs

The CIFOR Strategy 2016-2025 aligns CIFOR’s research with the Sustainable Development Goals, to put CIFOR’s work into the context of the new climate and development agenda.

Learn more about the CIFOR strategy here.