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CIFOR HQ, Bogor, Indonesia Welcome to CIFOR's re-designed News Update, a regular wrap of everything happening at the Center for International Forestry Research. It is the latest leg in a year-long effort to build a web-based communication strategy that is linking multiple internet platforms in a knowledge-sharing community around tropical forests. ... Read more

'It doesn't get better than this...'

IYOF logo Read a Q&A with CIFOR Director General Frances Seymour about the importance of the United Nations International Year of Forests. The Year is intended to raise public awareness of the challenges facing many of the world's forests and the people who depend on them. It is hoped the Year will build momentum towards greater public participation in forest activities around the world. Read what it means for CIFOR. Watch a video interview with her.

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International Year of Forests: Reason to be optimistic

CIFOR DG Frances Seymour Last week the United Nations launched the International Year of Forests (IYF), and indeed 2011 begins with the future of the world's tropical forests at a "tipping point". Fortuitously, IYF is being launched at a moment when the stars are aligning for a step change in how forests are managed. ... Read more

Press release
Community-based forest management key to success of REDD+

Collaborative Partner on Forest LIMA, Peru (4 February 2011). Local communities need to be given a greater role in the management of forests to ensure the best chance for REDD+ schemes to work, experts said as the United Nations launched the 2011 International Year of Forests. ... Read more

Cancún analysis
Starting the REDD+ dance

Principal Scientis Louis Verchot After six years of negotiations, an agreement on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, or REDD+, was finally reached in December in Cancún, Mexico.

"If we didn't get it then, forests would have been off the table for a decade," said Louis Verchot, CIFOR's Principal Scientist in environmental services and sustainable use of forests. "We finally have a decision. We know where to start the dance, we know which foot to start on and we know what this program is going to look like." ... Read more

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Forest & poverty conference in London in June

The context

Jepara Furniture CIFOR–PEN and its partners are hosting an international conference for the culmination of the seven–year PEN project. The scope of the conference is much wider than PEN, and will be a global forum on the role of environmental income and forests in rural livelihoods and poverty alleviation. The purpose is to increase awareness about the links between forests and poverty by presenting new findings and by bringing together an audience of 200–300 of the world's leading researchers, policy makers, practitioners and the media. The aim is to strengthen the case for systematic data collection on the ways in which poor people rely on environmental income. Results from the PEN global study will be presented, along with presentations from other large-scale comparative research projects (IFRI, World Bank, IUCN).

Please join us and help put the environment more realistically onto the poverty agenda. For more information and to register, visit here.

Enhancing livelihoods with better furniture

Jepara Furniture The project has been focusing on improving capacity of small-scale furniture producers in Indonesia. In the last four months, it conducted two training courses for such producers. The first dealt with product quality improvement and financial management for small and medium scale enterprises. The second dealt with chain of custody certification. The project team also conducted three surveys updating the 'Jepara atlas', identifying the institutions involved and examining the role of information technology. The lastest edition of the Furniture Value Chains newsletter can be viewed here.

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Symposium on Ecosystem Based Approaches to Sustainability
21 March – 24 March 2011 in Burgos, Spain. more

Tropical Wetlands Ecosystem of Indonesia
11 April – 14 April 2011 in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. more

Delivering Transformative Solutions - WWF
27 April – 30 April 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. more

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CIFOR advances human wellbeing, environmental conservation and equity by conducting research to inform policies and practices that affect forests in developing countries. CIFOR is one of 15 centres within the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

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