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Watch live video feed of Forests Indonesia ConferenceFew international research centres are able to engage with a broad range of forest-related issues, stress the perspectives of poor countries and communities, combine policy and research, question conventional wisdom and constantly focus on how to have impact. CIFOR - the Center for International Forestry Research - is one of those few. We are looking for a Director General who shares our passion for enhancing the role of forests in human well-being and environmental conservation, and our commitment to professionalism, innovation, impact, and collaboration.


International investments in agriculture: Do the negative impacts outweigh the benefits?

 Watch live video feed of Forests Indonesia Conference A trend in recent years of international investors snapping up land in developing countries for agriculture has highlighted both concerns about food security and local tenure rights, but also opportunities for investors to play an important role in conservation. In this month's POLEX, Pablo Pacheco, CIFOR Senior Scientist, reviews a recent report by the UN Committee on World Food Security's High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition that assesses the drivers shaping investments in land and agriculture. The article discusses a need to enhance governance of large-scale investments while also supporting the potential of smallholders in order to overcome the negative social, environmental and economic impacts of large-scale land acquisition.

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Linking Great Ape Conservation and Poverty Alleviation: Sharing Experience from Africa and Asia

'Snapshot' of REDD in Papua New Guinea Great ape ranges coincide with some of the poorest countries of the world –particularly in sub- Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. In collaboration with IIED, CIFOR held a workshop recently to bring together conservation practitioners and policymakers from Asia and Africa to exchange experience on linking ape conservation with poverty alleviation and to explore opportunities for working together. See the presentations, videos and blog stories from the event here.

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Supernatural plays key role in forest use

'Snapshot' of REDD in Papua New Guinea The power of supernatural beliefs to influence sustainable forest use in indigenous communities should be considered in land management strategies, says a recent study. In this blog, we explore a case study where villagers in Seram Island forest in eastern Indonesia have divided the primary forest into more than 250 lots for hunting. When the number of animals decreases in a lot, the owners impose a temporary prohibition on hunting there, seli kaitahu, asking the forest spirits and ancestors to restore the game population.

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Help us decide the future of Forest Day

Watch live video feed of Forests Indonesia Conference Every year we evaluate and act upon feedback from previous Forest Day participants. Let us know how you would like us to design Forest Day 6, which will be held alongside the UNFCCC 18th Conference of the Parties in Qatar. Please spend 5 minutes to answer this short survey – and help ensure the event remains one of the top annual conferences on forestry worldwide.


Forest Day 4

Are you still wondering what happened at COP17 with REDD+?

The U.N. climate change talks in Durban resulted in a mixed bag for forests: progress on REDD+ carbon accounting, but a weak decision on social and environmental safeguards for the program, and no advances on sources of long-term funding. For a breakdown of what happened at COP17, see our special feature report.


Help develop a framework for Landscape Approaches

Watch live video feed of Forests Indonesia Conference"Landscape Approaches" have been hailed as a way to integrate economic development and biodiversity conservation, as well as responses to climate change and other environmental challenges. Despite this, there is no consistent conceptual framework or methodology to assist professionals who want to (or already do) implement a Landscape Approach in their work. As a result, CIFOR has been collaborating with a wide range of partners to develop: "Principles of an adaptive landscape approach for enhancing sustainable livelihoods and integrating environmental services". We would appreciate your help to improve and finalise the principles by completing our online questionnaire.


Science Dispatch and video interview
Western Amazon in the grip of a "perfect (fire)storm"

Watch live video feed of Forests Indonesia ConferenceThe western Amazon, like many tropical, forested areas of the world appears to be in the grips of a "perfect (fire)storm" of changes that have come together to turn fire, long an indispensable tool of farmers, into an enemy. In this Science Dispatch, Christine Padoch explore the reason local communities are increasingly fleeing the countryside entirely for an often precarious existence in urban slums.

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CIFOR advances human wellbeing, environmental conservation and equity by conducting research to inform policies and practices that affect forests in developing countries. CIFOR is one of 15 centres within the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

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Innocent invaders?: A preliminary assessment of Cecropia, an American tree, in Java


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Falling back on forests: How forest-dwelling people cope with catastrophe in a changing landscape


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Improving livelihoods and nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa through the promotion of indigenous and exotic fruit production in smallholders' agroforestry systems


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