IFAD, EC, GEF and FAO partner with CIFOR to improve tenure knowledge

CIFOR are pleased to announce a new research initiative, Securing Tenure Rights for Forest-Dependent Communities; A Global Comparative Study of Design and Implementation of Tenure Reform’, supported financially by the European Commission (EC), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and CIFOR with technical support from International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

The research will take place in Indonesia, Uganda and Peru, with a secondary focus on Nepal, DRC and Ecuador. Contributions from EC, IFAD, FAO, GEF and CIFOR will enable this project to run until 2017.

The initiative aims to strengthen tenure security of forest-dependent communities, especially women and marginalized groups, through improved policies and implementation practices in target countries. Global comparisons will enable scientists to analyze the successes and failures of policies intended to enhance secure tenure rights for forest and trees, and identify strategies that are likely to lead to future success.

With an emphasis on knowledge sharing and capacity building, this research initiative will improve the way knowledge about forest and land tenure reforms is understood, communicated and used. Decision makers, practitioners and forest-dependent people in developing countries will then be equipped to develop and implement policies and projects that support tenure security, livelihoods and sustainable forest management. The initiative falls under CIFOR’s governance research portfolio in the CGIAR Research Portfolio on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (CRP-FTA) and fills what was identified as an important gap in the CRP FTA on forest and land tenure.

For further information about this initiative, please contact CIFOR team leaders and focal points Esther Mwangi and Anne Larson.