Global Landscapes Forum delivers nine key messages

The organizers of the 2014 Global Landscapes Forum have released an Outcome Statement, which identifies and elaborates on 9 key messages of relevance to the international climate and development agenda.

The Outcome Statement is based on debates and discussions from the 40+ sessions held during the two-day event, which brought together more than 1700 people from 90 countries, including country climate negotiators, ministers, CEOs, indigenous leaders, civil society leaders and researchers.

The 9 key messages are as follows:

1. Coherent policy and legal frameworks for sustainable land use are essential for climate and development efforts
2. Act on emerging research findings related to indigenous peoples and local communities
3. Scale up landscape finance by reducing risks for investment and transforming capital markets
4. Align actions on climate change with the Sustainable Development Goals
5. Climate-smart agriculture is a large part of the solution
6. Landscape approaches can combine and reinforce climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts
7. Well-designed fiscal measures in a landscape context can be significant in addressing deforestation and forest degradation
8. The values of ecosystem services play an important role in national economies
9. Land use information technologies can transform national policies

The full Outcome Statement is available for online viewing or download at

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