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News and events


  • Dr Alfred Ngomandawas appointed as the new director of IRET, as well as a new director for Central Africa Regional Focal Point Organisation (RFPO) in August 2010.
  • The ACP Secretariat and the European Commission have approved the no-cost extension of the FORENET project’s operational phase until December 2012.
  • By the end of 2010 seven post-graduate research grants for formal training were awarded to three doctoral students in the Central Africa region, one doctoral student in Caribbean, and three master’s students in the West Pacific region. The recipients and topics of the formal trainings were:
    • Prudence Yombiyeni, The diversity of wood-inhabiting fungal communities and the carbon cycle in equatorial rainforest
    • Pulcherie Bissiengou, The systematic and evolutionary history of the genus Campylospermum in Africa
    • Mercy Dione Ngone-Abwe, Development of mass propagation methods for Gnetum spp. 
    • Gwendolyn Emanuels-Smith, Indigenous knowledge for indicating climate change in a tropical forest ecosystem in Suriname
    • Janet Gagul, Systematic and biology of Begoniaceae in New Guinea
    • Tory Kuria, Taxonomic revision of Dillenia (Dilleniaceae)in New Guinea
    • Francesca Dem, Community structure of Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera: Insect) along altitudinal gradients.

Recent events

  • FORENET Scientific Workshop, Montpellier, France, 18-19 December 2012
    Around 25 participants from Central Africa, Caribbean and Pacific regions and CIRAD scientists attended the 2012 FORENET Scientific Workshop. The workshop was dedicated to the strengthening of technical and scientific forest-related programs and institutions in ACP countries. The participants shared their research results of both FORENET-funded research and subsequent FORENET-related research conducted by CIRAD scientists.

FORENET in the news

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  • Ml, J. 2011 Vers un renforcement de la prise de décision par les politiques. L'Union, 24 January, p. 5

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