22 May 2013
8 am – 10 amRegistration / Coffee /Networking
10 am – 10.55 amOpening Plenary
1.Welcome address by Richard Eba’a Atyi, Regional Coordinator for Central Africa, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
2.Speech by Raymond Mbitikon, Executive Secretary, Central Africa Forests Commission (COMIFAC)
3.Keynote Address by Peter Holmgren, Director General, CIFOR
4.Keynote address by Ngole Philip Ngwese, Minister for Forests and Wildlife, Cameroon
10.55 am – 11.30 amCoffee break
11.30 am – 12 pmPolicy Keynote Addresses
1.Robert Nasi, Director, CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry
2.Patrice Bigombe Logo, Independent Observer
12 pm – 1 pmHigh-Level Panel

Legal and institutional reforms in the forestry sector of Central Africa since the Rio Summit: Successes, challenges and future perspectives

1 pm – 2 pmLunch
2 pm – 3.30 pmParallel Discussion Forums
1.Forests, food and nutritional security
2.Response to climate change in Central Africa: Realities and challenges
3.Multiple-use management of forested landscapes
3.30 pm – 4 pmCoffee break
4 pm – 5 pmHigh-Level PanelFinancing climate change and REDD+: How to help Central Africa capture the potential
5 pm – 5.30 pmClosing plenaryPresentation of the key messages of the day.
23 May 2013
9 am – 10 amScience Keynote Addresses
1.Laura Snook, Programme Leader, Forest Genetic Resources Bioversity International
2.Sylvie Gourlet Fleury, Senior Scientist, CIRAD
10 am – 10.30 amCoffee break
10 am – 12 noonParallel Discussion Forums
4.Market-based instruments for sustainable forest management in Central Africa
5.The Congo Basin forests facing agro-industrial and mining expansion
6.A review of the role of regional institutions and international instruments in forest management of the Congo Basin
12 noon – 1 pmSpecial SessionLaunching of The Context of REDD+ in the Democratic Republic of Congo and The Cameroon REDD Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Country Profile
1 pm – 2.30 pmLunch
2.30 pm – 3.30 pmHigh-Level PanelFinancing sustainable forest management
3.30 pm – 4 pmCoffee break
4 pm – 4.30 pmSpecial Session Presentation by the Cameroon Ministry of Forests and Wildlife
4.30 pm – 5.00 pmClosing ceremony